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OMAX 120X Waterjet Cutting Center

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OMAX 120X Waterjet Cutting Center

OMAX 120X Waterjet Cutting Center: Revolutionizing Precision Cutting

The OMAX 120X Waterjet Cutting Center is a state-of-the-art machine designed to meet the demands of large-scale production and intricate cutting projects. This advanced waterjet system is renowned for its precision, versatility, and efficiency, making it a preferred choice in various industries, from aerospace to automotive and beyond.

Key Features and Capabilities

The OMAX 120X series is a large-format, bridge-style waterjet cutting center that excels in full-scale production of large or multiple part projects. It is available in a variety of machine lengths, ensuring flexibility to meet different production needs. The machine features the advanced Intelli-TRAX® linear drive technology, which is specifically designed for the abrasive waterjet environment. This technology ensures high precision and durability, even in the most demanding conditions.

One of the standout features of the OMAX 120X is its ability to cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics. The machine does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses, preserving the integrity of the materials being cut. This makes it ideal for applications requiring high precision and minimal material distortion.

Advanced Accessories and Enhancements

The OMAX 120X is equipped with several innovative accessories that enhance its performance and versatility. The DualBRIDGE system allows for increased machining capacity by adding a second bridge, effectively doubling the machine’s productivity. The Tilt-A-Jet® cutting head compensates for taper, ensuring square edges on thick materials, while the A-Jet® provides precise angle cutting capabilities.

The machine also features a programmable motorized Z-Axis with a precision OMAX MAXJET®5i Nozzle Assembly, which boosts cutting productivity and process efficiency. The Rapid Water Level Control system allows for quiet and clean submerged cutting, reducing noise and improving the working environment.

Efficiency and Environmental Benefits

The OMAX 120X is designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. The high-efficiency Generation 4 EnduroMAX pump systems are available with operating efficiencies up to 90%, significantly reducing energy consumption. The machine’s bulk abrasive feed assembly transports garnet from a large hopper into the Zero Downtime Hopper located at the motorized Z-Axis, ensuring continuous operation and minimal downtime.

One of the key environmental benefits of the OMAX 120X is its cold cutting process, which eliminates the need for additional water for pump cooling and does not produce noxious gases, liquids, or oils. This makes the machine an environmentally “green” system, with low electrical consumption and minimal environmental impact.

Precision and Reliability

The OMAX 120X is engineered for precision and reliability. It offers the fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any abrasivejet in the industry, backed by the exclusive Intelli-MAX® Software with real-world cutting data. The machine’s drive system is sealed against water, dirt, and grit, ensuring long-term reliability and low maintenance.

The machine’s footprint ranges from 21′ 8″ x 17′ 3″ to 48′ 9″ x 19′ 2″, with an operating weight of up to 117,160 lbs. It can handle a work envelope of 13′ 4″ x 10′ 0″ to 40′ 0″ x 10′ 0″, with a Z-Axis travel of 8 inches. These dimensions make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, from large-scale manufacturing to intricate custom projects.


The OMAX 120X Waterjet Cutting Center is a powerful and versatile tool that offers unmatched precision, efficiency, and environmental benefits. Its advanced features and robust design make it an ideal choice for industries requiring high-quality, precise cutting solutions. Whether you are working with metals, composites, glass, or plastics, the OMAX 120X delivers superior performance and reliability, helping you maximize productivity and profitability.

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