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Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press

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Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press

Power and Precision for Metal Forming

The Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press is a robust and versatile machine designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern metal forming operations. Known for its precision, reliability, and efficiency, this hydraulic press is an essential tool for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery manufacturing. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press stands out as a leader in the field of metal forming.

Key Features and Capabilities

The Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press is engineered to provide high precision and efficiency in metal forming operations. It features a sturdy and durable frame that ensures stability and accuracy during the pressing process. The machine’s hydraulic system is designed to deliver consistent and powerful force, making it capable of handling a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Table and Travel:

  • Pressing Force: 200 tons
  • Table Size: 10 feet long
  • Maximum Material Thickness: Up to 7 gauge (3/16 inch) for full-length forming, with the capability to handle thicker materials in smaller widths.

The press is equipped with a user-friendly control system that allows operators to easily adjust the pressing parameters to suit different materials and applications. The control system includes a digital display that provides real-time feedback on the pressing force, ensuring precise control over the forming process.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Performance

One of the standout features of the Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press is its advanced hydraulic system. The machine is equipped with a high-efficiency hydraulic pump that delivers consistent and powerful force, ensuring uniform pressure distribution across the entire workpiece. This results in high-quality, precise forming with minimal material distortion.

The press also features a programmable logic controller (PLC) that allows for the automation of complex forming operations. The PLC can store multiple pressing programs, enabling quick and easy setup for different tasks. This feature is particularly beneficial for high-volume production runs, where efficiency and repeatability are crucial.

Safety and Ergonomics

Safety is a paramount concern in the design of the Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press. The machine is equipped with several safety features to protect operators and ensure safe operation. These include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and light curtains that prevent the press from operating if any part of the operator’s body is detected within the pressing area.

The press is also designed with ergonomics in mind. The control panel is positioned at a convenient height, allowing operators to easily monitor and adjust the pressing parameters. The machine’s design ensures that all controls are within easy reach, reducing operator fatigue and improving overall productivity.

Applications and Benefits

The Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press is suitable for a wide range of metal forming applications, from simple bending and punching to complex deep drawing and embossing. Its high precision and reliability make it ideal for industries that require tight tolerances and high-quality finishes.

In the automotive industry, the press is used to form various components such as body panels, chassis parts, and structural elements. In the aerospace industry, it is used to form critical components that require high precision and strength. The press is also widely used in the manufacturing of heavy machinery, where it is used to form large and complex parts.

The versatility of the Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press makes it an invaluable tool for manufacturers looking to enhance their metal forming capabilities. Its advanced features and robust design ensure long-term reliability and performance, making it a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.


The Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press is a powerful and versatile machine that offers unmatched precision, efficiency, and safety. Its advanced hydraulic system, user-friendly controls, and comprehensive safety features make it an ideal choice for modern metal forming operations. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace, or heavy machinery industry, the Baykal 200-ton Hydraulic Press provides the reliability and performance needed to achieve high-quality, precise forming results.

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